The new Google Home has a screen. Of course, it’s not for looking at, just for the Assistant to read you the news or show you the weather. But when you update your old device with the new Google Home app, you’ll need to stop screen mirroring. Otherwise, you’ll be able to see what’s on your old device through the new Google Home and that would probably suck. Screen mirroring allows you to use your phone as a remote for videos and photos on the new Google Home. Unfortunately, this feature is not compatible with the current Google Home system. To stop screen mirroring from happening, you will need to update your system. Simply connect your phone to the Google Home by using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct.

How to stop screen mirroring on a new Google Home

It is possible to stop screen mirroring on a new Google Home. The first step is to press the Home button to get out of whatever application you are currently in. Then, go into Settings and Device Options. In this section, you can adjust Turn off screen mirroring settings. To stop someone from mirroring your screen on the new Google Home, you can change the settings in Google’s Home app. If you cannot find this app, you can use voice commands to give the device instructions on how to stop screen mirroring.

Google announced a new device, the Google Home. It is a smaller version of the company’s smart speaker and enables users to control their digital life with voice commands. The Home has been revamped to include several beneficial features that includes the ability to connect with other Google devices. This includes setting up voice control for the Home through another Google device. Google has just released a new version of the Google Home. It is now available in 15 colors and also comes with a built-in speaker that can play tunes for you. Although the new release has many improvements, there’s one issue: Now it will only work with TVs that have a screen mirroring capability. Google offers a voice-controlled Assistant on the Google Home that can do many tasks for you. To use this feature, however, it must be set up and connected to your phone through Bluetooth.