She will start building the day after buildings are purchased, but she doesn’t work on festival days. She can even upgrade the Farmhouse and assemble new farm buildings. Similarly, Robin returns home at 7:50 pm, and you can even use the counter as she enters her residence and passes the sales counter. The shop closes at 4:00 pm on Fridays when Robin and Demetrius go to The Stardrop Saloon. The shop is closed on Thursday, Summer season 18 when Robin goes to Harvey’s Clinic. However, Robin does work on common Tuesdays when she already has a job lined up, so there isn’t any delay in that case. Nevertheless, she walks past the sales counter at 9:40 am on her means. If you enter the house before 4:00 pm, how miss her throughout open hours, you may still store in the event you catch her as she passes the sales counter on the best way out, as on Tuesday mornings.

If you enter earlier than then and use the counter as she passes, you can still store at the moment. If she was nonetheless working on a job for you on the day before, then these closures will delay the job completion by someday. Charges on tickets had been waived till March 31, 2021, Stardew Valley merchandise and turned 10% from then. Most construction initiatives are completed in 2 days by the beginning of the second day after you place an order. The shop is also closed on all festival days. The Carpenter’s Shop is positioned in the Mountain area north of Pelican City. Robin is the town carpenter and runs the shop, which is inside her house, where she lives with Demetrius, Maru, and Sebastian.

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