Clementine’s design was primarily based on artwork director Derek Sakai’s daughter. This led to altering Clementine’s race to African-American to give her the looks of probably being Lee’s daughter to different characters. Telltale had thought about different backgrounds for Clementine, corresponding to being from a single-father or mother family or the younger sister of the participant character, but found that the pre-established emotional bond between the characters did not fit nicely, and as a substitute opted to make Lee Everett her father-figure. They then set to use Clementine because of the “moral compass” for the principal participant’s character, establishing her as a “sensible, honest, and successful girl” that will mirror decisions made by the participant. Hutchison was in a position to relate to the individual of clementine, as her lifestyle mirrored that of the character, and easily fell into the position of the character throughout auditions, securing her as the voice for Clementine.

Sakai provided Vanaman with further advice from his fatherhood, providing that Clementine would seem smarter if she did not say as much, whereas nonetheless stating character flaws ought to one get out of line. Vanaman was shocked, however, pleased with this response, stating that “the fact that folks care about Clementine is invaluable.” Preliminary auditions were held. However, Vanaman discovered that kids could not grasp the emotion of the role, whereas adults were not in a position to get the voice as they were supposed for the character; at one point, for lack of an acceptable actress, Vanaman felt that “we had been going to need to take Clementine out of the sport.” Clementine uses her time in the varsity to get to know the other kids while serving them for sustainability and protection.

Jacob tells Bella about the “cold ones” while walking on the seashore at La Push. The size of Liopleurodon in Strolling with Dinosaurs is orange compared to massive living aquatic animals and precise large pliosaurs. The bond between Clementine and Lee was thought of The Walking Dead merchandise as instrumental to the game by Telltale. Melissa Hutchison, a voice actress that had previously labored on different Telltale games, was selected to be the voice for Clementine. The writers carefully needed stability elements in this scene, as though, for instance, clementine seemed to be stressful to the player, the emotional bond would be absent, and the participant would possibly make selections without caring about Clementine’s destiny. To construct this relation, Clementine was launched as early as attainable inside the first episode; the particular scene of Lee having to address Clementine’s zombified babysitter changed specifically to spotlight Clementine’s likability, resourcefulness, and vulnerability.