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“Knocked Loose official merch is a must-have for hardcore fans of the metalcore group. The Louisville, Kentucky, group got its start in 2013, and since then it has released two full-length albums and a couple of EPs. Knocked Loose has knocked loose store quickly grown in popularity, for its intense live performances, politically charged lyrics and hard-hitting sound.

With such a dedicated fan-base, it’s no wonder that Knocked Loose has given its followers the chance to wear their allegiance with official merchandise. The official merch is designed and printed in high quality materials, so they look great and last even longer. Fans can find a range of T-shirts that feature album artwork, band logos and slogans. For those who want to express their fandom in other ways, there is also a range of hoodies, mugs, patches and stickers. All of the official gear has been created in unique designs that capture the band’s raw energy and attitude. Knocked Loose music itself is a driving force behind the band’s merch.