FUT 21 Future Stars event is underway. This is an Ultimate Team program that features some of the newest footballers. The first condition for the players to be part of this program is to be 23 years old or younger. The second condition is to have good performances but not yet achieved the status of a football legend. In a nutshell, this program is about young footballers that show great potential and are most likely to become some of the best in the world. As Future Stars is a recurring event, each instance of it features different footballers. This means that if a player was included in past Future Stars events, he will not be featured a second time, even if he meets the two conditions. The Future Stars player item cards are different from the usual Ultimate Team cards. If UT cards accurately represent the player’s performance at a certain point in his career, Future Stars cards offer a glimpse into a possible future. The ratings and attributes of these cards are based on predictions. They reflect the peak of the player’s career and performance, should he live up to the expectations and fulfill his potential.

FUT Future Star Academy player items can gain upgrades in the second week of the program. Keep an eye for specific objectives for each player. You can complete them and acquire four versions of a Future Star card. These item cards represent a possible development for that player. It’s important to note that you will need the previous item to unlock the next one. So, the first item is used to complete the activities for the second one and so on. Don’t forget about the Future Stars objectives and squad building challenges that allow you to get more players from this program. Future Stars SBCs with multiple rewards allow you to have your pick at the reward. For example, the Pedro Goncalves SBC gives you a choice between an OVR 87 center midfielder card or an 87 OVR right wing card. This year, the community had a say in who should be part of this event. Polls on social media asked FUT 21 fans questions about the players’ nationality and position.

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